Individual Therapy & Relationship Counselling in Kingston


Paula Stone BA(Hons), BACP Accredited Counsellor, Relate certificated

I am a fully qualified counsellor with 30 years’ experience, working with both individuals and couples.


People seek therapy for all sorts of reasons: we might feel depressed, find it difficult to cope with a bereavement, or feel generally anxious; we can feel stuck or lost or in need of a change in direction; we can sometimes be aware of something holding us back, that stops us living our lives in the way we would like.

Through counselling, we can become conscious of the unconscious processes that often keep us stuck in the same patterns of thinking and relating.

Whatever your reason for seeking counselling, we can work together to help you to understand yourself and, in time, find a more compassionate way of being.


For all sorts of reasons, relationships can flounder. It may be a life-event such as illness or bereavement, work-life issues or an affair. Or it can be a more subtle and gradual moving away from each other. Whatever the reason, relationship counselling (also known as marriage guidance and couples therapy) can unravel the knots that have led to the position you now find yourselves in, and provide a space to think about creating new ways to communicate.

Usually when things go wrong, no one person is to blame. Relationship counselling provides a non-judgemental space where you can both feel understood, and this creates the possibility of improved understanding and communication between you as a couple. The therapy room is a space in which, together, we can observe what might have gone awry in the way you communicate with each other, and find different and more useful ways to interact.

Relationship Counselling is relevant even if you have already made the decision to separate. For troubled children, the relationship between the parents (whether together or apart) is often crucial to helping the child through a separation. Therefore relationship counselling can help even after a relationship has ended. Keeping lines of communication as open and as civilised as possible is very beneficial for any children involved.